Lumen - Mentoring
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Lumen Sample Images



You’ve always wanted to try using studio lights.

But it seems scary. Or complicated. Maybe you’re on a budget and what you’ve got to work with isn’t what everybody else seems to be doing. Maybe you already have an expensive set of lights collecting dust in storage. You tried them, but you were super overwhelmed. The light was too harsh, or just looked… flashy. Or flat.

Here’s the thing. I’ve been there. When I began, I was on a very tight budget. I’ve tried all sorts of lights, from a DIY sheet modifier and worklight to softboxes and strobes. I’ve used small flashes, umbrellas, you name it, I probably tried it at least once while building my equipment and skills. I know EXACTLY how you feel. The best part? Lighting doesn’t have to be complicated or even expensive! If you sign up for Lumen: a natural studio lighting e-course, you’ll finally be able to piece it all together.


Whether you are a beginner, or someone who just needs a little refinement while using their lights, you will gain new skill and confidence with using whatever lights you have to create natural looking studio light. You will learn how to create images just like the examples below. (The image on the far right is straight out of camera!)




Here’s what you’ll learn

  • An introduction to lighting
  • Familiarity with various equipment, covering anything you may use
  • Knowledge of several types of lighting
  • Skill in how to place and position your lights to sculpt your subjects with images and lighting diagrams
  • Knowledge of various lighting patterns. And as a plus, the ability to recognize lighting patterns when seen in nature (so your natural light images will improve as well!)
  • Technique to create well-lit images in any style or location
  • An instructor that is available to answer questions in a private facebook group
  • Confidence in using studio lighting consistently, no matter what lights you plan to use
  • As a bonus, you will also learn rim lighting and how to shoot easy-peasy high key images





When does class begin

Classes are delivered as soon as you purchase. You may choose to complete one class per week (or longer) or read through all four classes and work at your own pace.

How will I access the materials

Participants may login to their account that is created during checkout and download the lessons.

What format are the lessons

The lessons are interactive PDF files which include media.

How do I join the group on Facebook

Participants join this group on Facebook.

How long will I have access to the course materials

Forever. When/if the class is ever updated, participants will have access to the updated files. Participants are members of the Lumen group on Facebook for as long as they wish to remain members.


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